We aim for an expansion of our boundaries, trying to create an opening into new businesses, to do so, we decided to try a new path, enforcing our ability to design and create custom fitting setups.

 For years, we have designed and produced cabins for industrial vehicles, forklifts, cranes, and for industrial foundry and outdoor works. We followed carefully every indications given by our clients to fully satisfying their requests and improving ourselves in this sector.

 We own a complete range of machinery and equipment to realize every works in our premises for any kind of metal applied in various types of structure.

 Lately, it started to trend a completely new use for cabins and containers, which are constructed, re-adapted or converted into mobile units, applied to trucks, such as motorhome, hospitality trucks, food trucks; or converted into housing or lodging units, and representative or exhibition stands, thanks to the very flexibility of this structures.

Noticing that this new business, even thou it’s kind of new, it’s having a nice commercial comeback finding new market outlets in several areas, we started to plan and design a series of ideas for this type of setting.

We think it’s important, and utterly interesting, to find and conceive a re-adaptation for containers, as they can be applied into other uses fully exploiting their potential, and, therefore, sustaining the reuse and recycling policy of these materials, for environment protection and sustainable economy.

 We’re ready to develop any project or idea, inspired by our determination and our will to grow and evolve into new sectors, alongside our clients ambitions.