The Company – Project

LASERWELD pushed by the passion and pride obtained from the capability to satisfy every customers’ requests, created an internal department specialized on research and planning, able to design from every tiny detail to finished products of undeniable quality.

Our distinguishing professionalism permitted us to establish with other relevant realities in national environment a true and solid cooperation in creating together new projects and design.

We respect and value the most new ideas and innovation aspiration. Our constant goal is being by the side of our customers to reach excellent results.

We chose one of the most functional and flexible drawing and design 3D CAD software that allows us a wide range of functions with many advantages for our production process. We can import databases realized with other CAD software, to work close with our customer and get the best from their ideas, creating 2D or 3D files.

Our design experts, thanks also to their competence and readiness, are able to design and develop from the simplest components to the most complex packaging, improving our productivity, creating quickly instructions for cutting and bending, drawing production and assembling projects.

These are the reasons why in the last years arose the need to create our productive line. Through an intense activity of research, development and innovation, and thanks to a strong Will of realization, we created LASERWELD BAKERY and CUSTOMIZED FITTINGS division.

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